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Our club is getting ready to plan next years tournaments. Last year we had a few 2 round slalom tournaments, about 30 skiers. We finished by 2:30, so there's still time to do another event/round. The obvious, and easy, thing to do is add another round. Some members would like to do some sort of head-to-head comp for that 3rd round. I guess I'm just asking for some suggestions and how to put together a fun head-to-head round. Thanks
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    We did something similar to what you're describing at Waterski Atlanta. Basically, the first 2 rounds were qualifying rounds to make the "Elite 8" in round 3. The top 4 scores made it to the 3rd round. Then of the remaining skiers, the top 4 average scores (between round 1 & 2) also qualified for the third round. Skiers were then seeded by their top score from the first 2 rounds. 8th seed was first off the dock in round 3. The elite 8 battles it out to make the podium.

    It was fun bc everyone was engaged and concerned with how everyone else skied. It was the most fun tournament I've been to.
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    Been at one where run order based on rope length ability level rather than true division such that there was a 28 off group, for example. Top two skiers from the first two rounds in each group skied a head to head in round 3, everyone else skied as per usual in round 3.
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    how about head to head with last place divisions skiers. winers can start cleaning up ?
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