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Anyone ride the new 09' RCX ? tweaked rocker/flex sharper bevel ?

mike55mike55 Posts: 86
edited March 2009 in Skis Fins Bindings
Just curios as I am ready to break the bank and buy a new ski. Rode a 66 08' RCX quite a bit down at Sunset Ski Ranch last summer. Doug and Robbie are super nice people.


  • wskierwskier Posts: 122 Baller
      So the 2009 is the same shape but a diffent flex . I bought a new RCX  MFG date 10/1 /08. what is the differrence . I did not get a chance to try it due to a ankle injury(Basketball). I tried a early version of the RCX great ski.
  • mike55mike55 Posts: 86
     from the conversation I had with Perf Ski and Surf, there was a possible sharper bevel difference up front too. My understanding from Darren Wiley is that they can make adjustments to rocker etc from ski to ski as they are being built. Paul Crawford is their main guy and spokesperson for Kidder. Their website homepage is under new construction for obvious new product release. Here is their number (916)714-9389 8am-5pm PST. I also understand from other forums that they have a new wide version ski being released called    the  Z7.  The new RCX has Red instead of yellow/green as an accent. I'm interested in that ski if the changes discussed sharper bevel etc have indeed been applied. Let me know if you investigate and find anything concrete out. Don't know if this modified rocker/flex version is the one Horton and company were able to review at h2o. This time of year is so amazing. People, especially myself are just giddy for the season to get rollin and try something new. Now if I could get the wife talked into moving to Florida or California again...Hummm  Oh well I'll just be rippin pow at Crystal Mtn tomorrow. Guy's got to do something :)
  • HortonHorton Posts: 30,551 Administrator
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    My guess would be that that RCX mold has not changed and
    that what we had at the Review last fall was the "latest and greatest". <span> </span>It is expensive the re-cut molds. With that
    said, D3 seem to be always tweaking on their skis. (This is a sign that they
    care and is the reason their skis are so darn good)
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  • mike55mike55 Posts: 86
    edited April 2009
    Rode the 09 RCX this past Friday and hopefully tomorrow if my out of water ski shape lower back pain eases. Rode the 67 and have to say it felt nothing like last years 67 RCX. Rode the A1 the 1st set. The A1 is so daw gon nice too! Just felt immediately at home on the RCX although it has a much smaller sweet spot than the A1. Creed laid this up at D3 and the finish is superb with the new smooth top looking sano. Funny thing is I forgot to put the wing on the fin hurrying between sets to change bindings over from the 67.5 A1. They are both sooo sweet I hate to give one up. But here is a link on the A1 if anyone is interested or knows somebody looking for one. 
    <a href=""></a>
  • WadeWilliamsWadeWilliams Posts: 19
    edited April 2009
    Seth Stisher wrote a short review on the 2009 RCX here:
    <a href=" ">
    please rate and review this ski, yourself, if you've ridden it!
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